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インターネットサービス 行政指導強化 (掛け声だけじゃなく、頼みますよー!)

Provide internet speed as promised, Gobind tells telcos

TM などは 次々と新パッケージの宣伝をして、「Wifiスピードが早くなる、料金も割安になる、」と煽りたてるが、本当に宣伝どおりのWifiスピードになっているのか、疑問を感じていた。

久しぶりに Speedtest のアプリで Wifiスピードを測ってみた。

確かに 以前よりは スピードアップはしているが、以前の宣伝に書いてあったような 10倍の速度になっているか と言うと そうでもない。

通信およびマルチメディア担当大臣 からは 消費者保護対策として 以下がコメントされた。

He said the ministry through the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) would monitor the matter and would take appropriate action if the internet speed experienced by the customers was not the same as the package promised.

"All the Telco must understand, when they issue new packages, they mention higher speeds and lower costs so they have to make sure that the speed that the customer received is as promised.

"So I ask them to boost their monitorings on the matter. They have to check that the speed that the customers get is the speed that they say that the customers will get in their packages.

I also ask the Telco company to create a complaint bureau and the complaints must be studied in depth, quickly and effectively," he told reporters here today.

He also urged telecommunications companies to review the old internet packages offered to their customers towards reducing their prices.

He said the government welcomed the new packages offered by those companies that served better internet speeds at cheaper prices, but they also needed to appreciate their customers who still subscribed to old packages.

既存契約については、値下げを検討せよ という趣旨と解釈した。

いやぁ〜、全くもって 同感だぁ。

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